Call for Papers

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Marx’s Capital and the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Both anniversaries raise vital questions for Marxist theory and practice today. How can value theory inform an analysis of modern capitalism? What can we learn from history and how do we understand theory and politics in the changed conditions of the 21st century in Australia and around the world? What do contemporary debates around social reproduction mean for the Marxist tradition? And how should Marxist theory and practice inform an understanding of and resistance to today’s ecological crisis?

HM Sydney welcomes papers addressing the questions of capital, capitalism and anti-capitalist politics. We continue to welcome papers on all general topics of interest to the Marxist tradition but particularly encourage papers on the following themes:

  • Capital and value 150 years on
  • Socialism and ecology
  • Social reproduction and oppression
  • Capital and critical receptions of Capital
  • Revolutionary history and politics since 1917
  • Art and culture in and after the Russian revolution
  • Socialism and populism today

Please send proposals for papers and panels to by 4 August 2017. Proposals should be no more than 250 words. Papers should be 20 minutes long, and panels may include three speakers.