Historical Materialism Sydney is committed to ensuring that the conference is open to all who wish to attend. We have a free online registration option to reflect this. For those with financial capacity to do so, we ask that attendees contribute to organisation costs and the expansion of the conference in coming years. The suggested contribution is $20 concession and $50 waged (plus processing fee charged by ticketing company). All presenters must register before the conference. We would strongly encourage anyone else thinking of attending to register in advance as well, as this will make it easier for the organisers on the day, and will ensure the conference runs smoothly.

Please click here to register.



HM Australasia is entirely volunteer-run and this has made providing professional childcare difficult for us given the cost and liabilities involved. The organisers are conscious, however, that a lack of available childcare might stop some people from presenting at or attending sessions. If you are in this situation, please email the organisers at so that we can discuss what options there may be. Children are of course welcome to attend conference sessions with attendees.